Merry & the Mood Swings
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Got Mood Swings?
Original rock, pop, blues & the inexplicable by 4 women and 1 very 
brave guy.

2010 Grammy contenders.

Is it the caffeine...or the Mood Swings?
Mary Guthrie
As a little girl, Mary G. first wanted to be a saint when she grew up (the glory!), then she wanted to be a meter maid (the power!). Today she writes songs for Merry and the Mood Swings and Sugar Daddy & the M&Ms.
Mary Hestand
Lead vox
This Mary sings and writes songs when she is not busy having mood swings. Excuse me, I mean busy performing with Merry and the Mood Swings and Sugar Daddy & the M&Ms. Mary is a recovering performance artist and an avid, not to say compulsive, shoe collector. 
Diane Harris
Powerhouse musician Diane plays lead guitar, flute and one heckuva wailin` sax for the Mood Swings, the Coppertones, and Double Standard. She`s even been caught playing piano, drums, bass and other instruments when she thought no one was looking. A veteran performer, her alter ego teaches music at a private school in Dallas.
Michael Byron
International Man of Mystery Michael Byron is rarely photographed. Known to his legions of fans as the guitar magician behind the Alpha Dogs and Double Standard, he somehow manages to duck potential stalkers by refusing to sign autographs.
Martha Germann
When Martha ventured into the corporate world, she found there were days when she would come home with the need to hit something with a stick. Playing the drums seemed like a natural progression. Joining Merry and the Mood Swings gave Martha`s urge to hit something new purpose and meaning, not to mention it`s a heck of a lot of fun. And besides, being a drummer in a band increases her cool factor with her nephews.